Feel the magic of the Tara mountain in autumn – Part 1

Feel the magic of the Tara mountain in autumn – Part 1

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced many to get more acquainted with the local regions. Touring across Serbia inland is a great solution during the autumn. The mountain Tara is something everyone should see, especially in this time of the year, as the beautiful colors & unique shapes are a real eye-candy.

The most prominent landmark for a panoramic view on Tara is Banjska stena (read more about it here) but there are also other breath taking places.

Crnjeskovo lookout is near the hamlet Kaluđerske bare, a touristic center of Tara. The view from here spans to Gradina and the former fortress Krstata Stena that are now just boulders. Other places worth to visit are also in the neighborhood like the Sokolarica viewpoint, Bajina Bašta town and the basin of the river Drina.

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The scenic viewpointSokolarica is located at the edge of the Sokolina settlement and it is consisted out of several tiny viewpoints vis-a-vis to Crnjeskova and Račanska Šljivovica viewpoint.


Nowadays, The viewpoint Osluša is best known as a paragliding airfield but it is also known for its fulfilling views on Drina basin and to the hills and mountains of the neighboring country Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here you can find a firebox, a wooden canopy with benches and tables all suitable for an unforgettable barbecue in the wild.