Old problems at the newly renovated Nikola Tesla airport

Old problems at the newly renovated Nikola Tesla airport

The concessionaire of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, VINCI, announced back in April 2023 drastic measures against unlicensed taxi drivers. Where does the situation stand, and how is airport transportation functioning in practice?

The regional aviation portal Zama Aero claims that the situation is best described by the saying “much ado about nothing”! Unlicensed taxi drivers are still in close proximity to the airport, attempting to entice uninformed passengers, usually foreigners, into using their services.

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VINCI announced to local authorities in Serbia that if the issue with unlicensed taxis is not resolved, they will prohibit all taxi services from picking up passengers at the airport and will introduce their taxi service with exclusive rights for transporting passengers from the airport.

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We are not sure if this is legally possible considering that taxi services are not within the jurisdiction of the concessionaire, but the space at the airport and its surroundings certainly are. In the meantime, following such announcements, it must be acknowledged that the state has reacted by deploying additional members of the municipal police and the police itself, which has confiscated vehicles from illegal taxi drivers on several occasions.

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However, as time has passed, control seems to have diminished. The impression is that unlicensed taxi drivers still operate around the airport without hindrance, raising questions about passenger safety, not to mention the image conveyed to foreign tourists.

Some actions have been taken – although not enough. Nevertheless, there remains hope that a long-term solution can be achieved because, with the current state of affairs, legal transport providers are suffering, paying taxes and fees, while passengers are jeopardized both through service costs and security challenges.

Source: zamaaero.com