It’s never been easier and faster to get to Nikola Tesla Airport!

It’s never been easier and faster to get to Nikola Tesla Airport!

We have already written about the problems at Nikola Tesla Airport and the confusion when departing and arriving at the terminal. Finally, the airport is taking its final shape and approaching full capacity. Read on to find out what’s new and the advantages of the new terminal organization.

A new zone has been opened, intended for short, free stays during passenger disembarkation, lasting up to 5 minutes. Symbolically named “Kiss & Fly,” it allows a quick drop-off and departure. Any longer stay will be charged according to the current price list.

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After the initial five free minutes, each subsequent minute is charged at 100 dinars or 6,000 dinars per hour for one hour of “greetings and farewells.” Those who find it hard to part will have to pay a fairly steep price, we would say.

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It’s essential to emphasize that the Kiss & Fly zone has the rule that the same vehicle can use the passage without charge at most two times within 24 hours. Each subsequent entry, within 24 hours, will be charged at a rate of 100 dinars per started minute.

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New parking spaces have been built at the airport, and there is also a garage. Depending on the parking location, prices range from 100 to 300 dinars per started hour. There is also the so-called Parking 7, which is 300 meters away from the terminal. The price is 100 dinars for the first started hour, and the daily ticket costs 1200 dinars.

The new rules at the airport finally make transfers to and from the airport more straightforward, and you get to choose how you travel. Renting a van with a driver is more cost-effective than two regular taxi vehicles. Call us or write to us on the contact page.

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