Belgrade in miniature – a perfect place for a trip!

Belgrade in miniature – a perfect place for a trip!

In the vicinity of Belgrade, there are several undiscovered destinations that deserve attention and are excellent for day trips. Natural beauty is an integral part, and due to the lesser-known nature of these places, they are additionally intriguing and suitable for exploration. One such hidden gem is the village of Morović, located in Srem.

This village is often called “Little Belgrade” because of its picturesque location at the confluence of the Bosut and Studva rivers. What does this hidden treasure offer? A lot – relaxation by the water, beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, and dense forests that conceal the former villa of Tito.

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For those who love strolling along calm watercourses, there are well-maintained trails. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the spacious green areas and facilities for various sports activities. If you appreciate good photography, the scenes of these landscapes will surely inspire you even more. Additionally, Morović is a paradise for hunters and fishermen.

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In addition to relaxation, leisure, and connection with nature, this village offers additional value through cultural and historical monuments. In the village itself, there are three churches, with the oldest being the Catholic Church of St. Mary, built in the 13th century.

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On the outskirts of the village, you can discover the remains of a medieval fortress from the 14th century, while archaeological research has confirmed the presence of prehistoric settlements around Morović. There is also a Roman cemetery and a significant amount of silver Roman coins from the mid-third century AD.

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In the immediate vicinity of the village is the Morović hunting ground, located in one of the oldest oak forests in Serbia, rich in game and birds. A special luxury is the Villa Srna, former residence of former President Tito. It is interesting to note that the Bosut and Morović forests are natural habitats for truffles, famous and expensive fungi.

Take advantage of a visit to a village that is hard to find in Europe. Two rivers, Tito’s villa, and truffles, all in one place. If there is a little paradise on earth, we found it.