Looking back at 2023 – Retrospective

Looking back at 2023 – Retrospective

Every year is different and special in its own way, but what remains unchanged is the quality of our service, which, according to our clients, remains at the highest level every year. Read about what we did and wrote about in the past year in the brief retrospective before you.

One thing we never change is our pet-friendly transportation: Your furry companions are always welcome in all our vehicles, be it limousines or vans. Our chauffeur-driven transportation service offers much more, allowing your pets, whether they bark, purr, or chirp, to travel with us. There’s room for everyone.

This year, we explored interesting wine routes throughout Serbia. You can read about the wine routes on Fruška Gora and in northern Vojvodina, and for the upcoming year, we plan to share even more routes across Serbia—south of Belgrade.

Rent a van with a driver for business or private travel. Make an inquiry on the contact page or call us for any additional information.

This year, after several decades, a new terminal was opened at Nikola Tesla Airport. There were many problems, but also positive aspects regarding the airport expansion, which you can learn more about in the article – old problems at the new Nikola Tesla Airport. There is also a new type of tourism that the new airport has “pushed forward”—transit tourism through Serbia.

Self-criticism is one way to progress because it is necessary to always be objective when evaluating one’s own work. Read about the most common criticisms of organized transportation and limo service.

In 2023, one of our recommendations for relaxation and escape to an oasis of peace, just 100 km from Belgrade, was a visit to the village of Morović in Srem. Read more about it in the article: Belgrade in Miniature – the perfect place for an outing!

We look forward to new topics in the coming year, and until then, if you haven’t already, follow us on social media Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings.