Affordable personal driver from the „Nikola Tesla“ airport

Affordable personal driver from the „Nikola Tesla“ airport

Taxi vouchers from the airport „Nikola Tesla“ with a fixed price for the service are not in use for several months due to the reconstruction of a airport terminal. Still, the petty fraudster phenomena where you get tricked into paying for a taxi ride more than it’s worth is still present.

The usual taxi rate from the airport to the metropolitan area ranges from 1500-2000 RSD. Unfortunately, you can encounter individuals not ready to turn on the taximeter but eager to „make a deal“ upfront offering you a price that is significantly higher than it should be for the desired route.

A professional shuttle van service with a personal driver just at your disposal has clearly defined rates based on the mileage and you can easily get the final price upfront or, if you need to unexpectedly visit additional places on your way, it is easy to calculate the price change. With a schedule upfront the driver awaits you at the airport and drives you to your doorstep.

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The morning arrival peak is especially problematic at the airport. There are too many passengers and too little cabs to pick up – this comes in handy for few to manipulate and blackmail.

Boško Vukojević, one of the representatives of Belgrade’s taxi drivers, has made a public appeal to the travelers to help out with the initiative to suppress this illegal activity. Mr. Vukojević said: „Do call the communal police, inspections. There is always some kind of trail from these attempts to hassle you for your money“.

Our limo vans are bigger and can accommodate a sufficient number of passengers while transporting a larger amount of luggage. On the other hand, every vehicle is equipped with USB sockets, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Of course, your pet friends are our pet friends on the road as the service is pet friendly.