Avoid quarantine measures – Visit Serbia in transit

Avoid quarantine measures – Visit Serbia in transit

Bypass quarantine measures in destination countries by visiting Serbia. On the route to your final work or vacation destination you can stay in Serbia, at affordable prices, at least 14 days and fulfill the criteria needed to travel freely (no quarantine) to many countries.

Serbia is on the green list of countries from which it is easier to travel to EU member states, USA and even Saudi Arabia & UAE so no wonder many travelers choose to spend 2 weeks of quality time in Serbia.

Personal luxury shuttle van with a driver at you convenience 24/7. See the vehicle fleet.

There are numerous great perks when you choose to stay in Serbia: acceptable accommodation prices, affordable organic food, plenty places for shopping and high level personal transport options.

For an easy and comfortable transfer from and to the airport send us an inquiry via the contact section.

Additionally, while here don`t miss out on some great landmarks and tourist attractions to ease your senses. Reach us and we will organize a visit to the mountains or a picnic to some hidden gems of nature.

To cross the borders you will need a PCR test with a negative result not older than 48h, a vaccination confirmation or proof you already have had COVID-19 and developed antibodies. To read more, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website here.

Every single vehicle in our fleet is driven by bilingual professional drivers and is equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi and USB sockets. Besides being affordable, the limos and vans are pet friendly and possess enough space for your luggage.

Welcome to Serbia!