A perfect picnic with a minivan

A perfect picnic with a minivan

Waterfalls, canyons and beautiful landmarks are all over Serbia so you don’t need to visit other countries and continents seeking for wild nature and beauty. Rent a luxury minivan with a driver for a picnic or team building and perceive the wild & beautiful Serbian countryside. Look at some of our pinpoints:

Banjska stena site – Tara mountain

It’s located in the Tara National park in Western Serbia at the altitude of 1065 meters. The outstanding view you will experience gives a different look on the Perućac lake, river Drina and the mountains of Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Kozji kamen site

It’s located in Eastern Serbia at the altitude of 1181 meters above Zavoj lake on the top of the mountain Vidlič.

Ploče site

Settled between Donji Milanovac and Kladova at the altitude of 355 meters, this site provides a unique view at the river Danube and the Đerdap chine.

Molitva site – Uvac

One of the most visited and beloved landmarks in the Serbia, at the altitude of 1247 meters. The wildlife refuge Uvac and the Uvac lake look fabulous from above.

Kalemegdan fortress – Belgrade

A few minutes of walk from the main street in the Belgrade you’ll discover this spot in the town which is a must-see. The confluence of the river Sava into Danube is at eyesight, offering a panoramic view of the city. You can even see Zemun and the Gardoš fortress in the horizon.

Collect memories from Serbia that you’ll never forget. Please don’t hesitate to schedule a ride here or give us a buzz to check the availability of the vehicles and the free terms.