Reading on the road – Why not?

Reading on the road – Why not?

While you on the road – What is the one thing you can’t live without? It`s probably your cell, but quite frankly, we are not surprised by how many of our clients are reading while enjoying the limo drive.

Once upon a time people spent more time in a chit-chat while travelling but nowadays a lot of faces just stare at cellphones. Is it really so?

It’s easy say everything was better in “the good old times” but we do not quite agree with that statement. As you can see in the picture above, once upon a time, everyone was occupied with a piece of paper and, nowadays, the paper is just replaces with cellphones. If you do not have the habit to stare at the scenery while travelling, you are probably always looking for some kind of entertainment to help you make the time pass faster.

Be open to suggestions and look at some ideas we have for you.

Reading literature can be quite fun and fulfill you with a special kind of feeling once you reach your destination. For these kind pleasures to achieve you can turn to collection of short stories, poetry or even essays. Reading shorter volume valuable contents gives you the feeling of accomplished tasks and it is easy abort the process if needed. Novels can occupy your attention for a longer period of time, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Those who are addicted to the screen’s light more than to the scent of paper there are numerous handy services like the most known Google books and Kindle, but if you dig under the tip of the iceberg you will find a whole new world. There is a short side here as you are restricted by battery life but, don’t worry.

All our vehicles are equipped with a USB socket so no problems there.

Motion (travel) sickness is a common challenge, but it is easily solvable with audio books. Listening to a fantastic book is a great way to feed your ears & mind while watching the landscapes. Some even combine a little bit of training while listening. Did you know you can exercise while on the road?

This and many more is possible if you choose not to hold the steering wheel but select a vehicle from a vehicle fleet. Just make an inquiry for a date of your choice in our contact section and don’t forget to fine pick your book selection.

See you.