The winter vacation season is at the door

The winter vacation season is at the door

Have you ever chosen to take a ride to the mountains by renting a limo or even rent a van with a personal driver? Maybe the first thought that comes to your mind is: “But it`s expensive!” Is it, really? We’ve covered this dilemma before – do take a look.

A lot of travelers chose to travel across Serbia last summer, so much that even a new buzz term has found its place in everyday conversations – staycation. Many of the hidden landmarks and vacation gems were rediscovered, among others, some quite extraordinary.

Did you know that near Belgrade is the founding location of the first modern European civilization settlement?

The upcoming winter will be ideal to spend a weekend or the holidays on some of the mountains, SPAs or, for the adventurers, less known tourist attractions in Serbia.

Time spent in nature is the perfect solution for the primary recommendation given by WHO – physical distance and avoiding direct contact.

The ski centers announced, traditionally, the start of the season for December and winter sports, because of the fact that they are practiced in the open, are not considered dangerous for the spread of coronavirus. The basic gear are masks, hand gloves and glasses that are certainly contributing as a protection factor from COVID-19 infection.

The hotel & hospitality industry is expecting a successful winter season which will, inevitably, cause high density traffic on roads, near tolls, as well as issues with parking places.

If you want to avoid this stress and reenergize for the spring, it might be a good a idea to take a look at our vehicle fleet and schedule a stress-free ride.

See you on the track