The 5 most incredible limos worldwide

The 5 most incredible limos worldwide

A luxury limousine with a driver is affordable to many and it`s not just meant for business opportunities. Also, it can be leased for weddings, picnics and transfers to the airport or just for sightseeing. If you have prejudices regarding limo rental please do read article that focuses exactly on the topic and if you are not sure about the prices comparison do read when we have written about dimes you will spent for this kind of service.

Every ride is a special experience but there are limos that are really very different than others. And they are not quite so available to everyone.

The tenk limo

If you happen to be in Great Britain you can literally drive a tenk, and people are renting this limo for various kind of occassions, even for wedding and theme parties for kids.

The Midnight Rider 

Probably the heaviest limo in the world, weighing 25 tons and 1000$ per hour. It has 5 staff members and brings, for surely, unforgettable memories.

Mini cooper with a pool

If you are a multitasker, with it you can swim and drive at the same time. (Borat: “Noooot!”) The pool has no seat belts, but the limo can definitely offer you a unique experience.

The Jet limo

It will probably not fly to the sky, but the sounds will bring the feeling of a real fighter jet.

The Formula 1 limo

The manufacturer claims it can reach speeds up to 482km/h and up to 6 passengers. We must warn you: we are not quite sure if it is safe to drive at those speeds. On the other hand, it is sure it is exciting to be in a formula, even when with this unusual design.

There no special prerequisites to rent a limo van at Luxury transport and you can easily reach us via the contact section or by phone. Don`t worry, they are all according to the manufacturers specifications.