Driving at night – effects on the human body

Driving at night – effects on the human body

Many drivers prefer to conquer longer routes by driving at night. Less traffic is the main reason but, if you aren`t a professional driver with a lot of experience, is it really smart to do so?

Poorer perception of details during night drives is a scientific proven fact. The eyes are more open and blink less and, as a consequence, the eye gets drier the vision tends to become blurry and light dissipates.

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From 11 PM – 6 AM different physiological processes take place in the body as it needs rest and sleep. The body temperature get slightly lower and everyone gets naturally sleepy.

For an unexperienced driver lights from incoming or the vehicles behind can be very confusing. Due to higher eye sensitivity during night, sudden intensive car headlights can cause temporary blindness that can last from 5 to 10 seconds.

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Common mistakes made in order to stay focused are including more coffee and cigarettes. Caffeine effects are significantly reduced in night hours and nicotine, along with the accompanying ca. 4000 toxic chemicals in the cigarettes, contributes to a reduced blood flow in the organism. The aftermath, one among many, is slower reaction to light intensity changes.

There`s always a solution – drive during day or hire professionals. Safety is always the number one priority and it`s affordable.