The Ski season 2021 has officially started!

The Ski season 2021 has officially started!

The season started officially on Kopaonik last weekend and as the snow cover gets thicker openings are expected on the mountains of Zlatibor, Divčibare, Stara planina… Why to drive by yourself when it`s more economical to be driven by a personal driver in a shuttle van?

Rent a limo van with a driver for your ski adventure. What limo suits you best for the trip?

Most of the best fun this winter will be near the mountain peaks as COVID-19 pandemy is still present and travelling to other countries is again complicated. Don`t miss the opportunity to enjoy the miracles of winter at 11 locations in Serbia. Inluding the four mentioned above you can visit the mountains of Tara, Zlatar, Besna Kobila, Golija, Goč, Crni vrh near the city of Bor and Kraljevica near Zaječar city.

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Besides saving money, there are numerous pros you get when you rent a van to follow you on your journey. You don’t have to search for a parking lot, no mounting of tire chains, drinking hot wine and Rakija without measuring how much is too much and many, many more.

Keep in mind that health and safety measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic are in place on the mountains too. It is necessary to keep physical distance and wear masks.