Where to travel for Easter & 1st of May

Where to travel for Easter & 1st of May

Driving and drinking don’t go together well. If you plan to let let yourself loose for the holidays, take in consideration to rent a limo or a van with your personal professional driver.

Serbia is rich in beautiful landmarks that were mostly undiscovered until the Corona pandemic. It turns out there is a positive side to the pandemic although it was hard to spot.

You can get all the info regarding limo/van rental reaching us via phone or by sending an inquiry in the contact section.

Not far from Belgrade you can find a European neolithic settlement and the first big one that is considered by some archeologist the cradle of the modern European civilization. Yes, only at 11km distance from the capitol city, in the vincinity of Vinča, you can take a glimpse at how the European civilization was born.

Many picnic areas and panoramic views are gaining in popularity now more than ever. You have maybe heard that Serbia is beautiful but, at these times, if you join some locals you will find hidden gems that were not visited by humans for decades.

Neither the less, please stay responsible as the pandemic is far from over. All our vehicles are thoroughly disinfected and at service even for the most demanding passengers. The professional drivers are tested frequently.

Welcome to Serbia!