What is the fastest way to travel during COVID-19

What is the fastest way to travel during COVID-19

Air travel is for some long distances still the only way to travel during the coronavirus pandemic but, in case of short or mid ranges e.g. local states or regional routes, a shuttle van with a personal driver is the fastest option.

The pandemic has influenced all types of transportations but the most affected is the air traffic. The procedures before and after the flight are now longer and more complicated so you are now often obligated to arrive at the airport whole 3 hours before the flight.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that, if you have the possibility to choose, renting a limo or a personalized shuttle van service is now a serious advantage. What exactly is meant by advantage? The chosen vehicle and the professional driver are at your disposal during the whole trip. There is now need for a separate drive arrangement to the airport because the trip starts from your doorstep. Additionally, after reaching the destination, again, you are in no need for a cab or a rent-a-car service.

Our drivers are regularly tested and high-level protective measures are in effect since the first outbreak. There was no case of COVID-19 infection among our employees.

The comfort during the trip with us, depending on the vehicle you choose, highly succeeds the economic class in airplanes. On the other hand, the larger the party the less are the trip expenses. In case you want to travel solo, you can rent a limo just for you.

The diverse vehicle fleet guarantees there is a perfect choice for every purpose – whether it is a business trip or a family vacation. In either case, you wont regret it as the outcome is always the same – a happy & satisfied customer.

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