Team building that leaves no one indifferent

Team building that leaves no one indifferent

Hidden from curious views, insufficiently explored, mystical waterfalls are mainly located in eastern and southwestern Serbia. They are not as imposing as the Niagara and Victoria Falls, but the largest fall in Serbia, Kaluđerski skokovi, is 232 meters high. Team building can be carried out anywhere but our proposal is to try something different than the hotel facilities and services. Organize a team building that the employees’ will never forget.

The fascinating fact is that Serbia has about 80 waterfalls, and some of them are real masterpieces of the nature. Let the professionals organize the complete teambuilding route and give you suggestions for tours to some of the most beautiful waterfalls to see.

Jelovarnik 71 meters

Piljski skok 64 meters

Bigar 35 meters

Skakalo 30 meters

Lisine 25 meters

At this time of the year the waterfall capacities are at its peak, so don’t miss the unforgettable experience. Schedule a ride or, if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call us or send us a message.