Drivers regularly tested for COVID-19

Drivers regularly tested for COVID-19

The COVID-19 epidemic is unfortunately on the rise again but our company is not unprepared. We didn’t wait for the State of emergency to be declared in order to implement all the necessary measures in our luxury vehicles for rent. As a result, all of our passengers are safe and protected as much as possible.

All our drivers are regularly tested and, to the current day, no one has been found to be infected COVID-19.

Additionally, we are continually in touch with our customers and no one has been infected.

Besides the testings, we thorough disinfection process has been established and is conducted before and after every ride. If you are interested what we do to make you safe you can read a more detailed article here.

If you are preparing for a journey, we strongly advise you to get informed about the condition and requirements you should fulfill in order to travel across the region or the neighbouring countries. Take in account that every state has defined its own set of rules for passing the borders.

On the other hand, you can leave all to us, and just choose a vehicle of your choice. Just hop on to the vehicle fleet section.

For more information regarding travel security and prerequisites please write to us or call, whatever suits you more.