15% discount on all services

15% discount on all services

Don’t miss out to cash in on our great 15% discount and travel in safely & style with our luxury limos & vans all driven by professional drivers.

All vehicles are disinfected and the drivers are tested for Covid-19.

To book a trip in Serbia, west Balkan or to your preferred destination reach us via phone or write us. Don’t forget to check out the vehicles here. All vans & limos are equipped at least with Wi-Fi, USB socket & air conditioner. All vehicles are pet friendly.

We strongly advise you, before embarking on a journey, to get informed about the health & safety measures concerning your target destination and the needed health certification regarding Covid-19. You can read more at the current epidemic state at the Ministry of Health official website built for this purpose – Covid19.rs .

The challenges we are facing have demanded us to implement extensive measures that are regularly implemented in our luxury vans & limos. If you are interested to read more about them, you can jump to an article where we go in details.

Be responsible and care about your health & health of others. If you are experiencing any symptoms please do not start the trip, but first consult your doctor.