A different kind of May Day

A different kind of May Day

In the year of 1886 workers of Chicago have fought for their rights and won working conditions that are mostly practiced nowadays too – 8 hours of work, 8 of free time & 8 hours of rest. For most of the Serbian citizens this achievement comes with another perk: on the 1st of May much of the folk goes on a so called 1st May reveille, usually to the outdoors, making barbecue with their friends & family and sharing liquor while chit chatting. If, this year, you’re not so much up to for protests and rallies happening traditionally across the Europe on this day, then taking a quick trip to Serbia is the right cup of tea for you.

If you are a believer then you know that the catholic Easter is on the 21st of April, followed by orthodox Easter on the 28th of April, and in Serbia all these are counted as holidays so you will meet people that are relaxed and have more than usually time to hang out.

A classic picnic to the outdoors is an excellent spring choice, but if you are more into for something not so vanilla why not explore the forgotten landmarks of Yugoslavia?

Instead of carefully measuring the amount of liquor that would be suitable, let us take care of the organization and transport, and forget about one less limit you have to take in account but enjoy the festive atmosphere.

As seductive aromas of roasted meat are spreading across the glades, Belgrade and, only 80 Km further, Novi Sad are looking almost as deserted which is a city picturesque you’ll rarely encounter.

Feel the holidays in Serbia – reach us – let us know your travel ideas and we will provide you everything you need to experience unforgettable memories.