Rent a shuttle service to/from the hotel

Rent a shuttle service to/from the hotel

The transfer from airport to and from the hotel may cost you more than you plan, especially if you don’t schedule a shuttle service on time, and as a consequence, valuable time is lost and the check-in too late.

The advantages of renting a personal shuttle service or a luxury limousine, depending on the preference, are numerous:

Hotel transport services commonly operate at a certain time each day, and are not suited for each passenger’s itinerary. Our clients are deprived of uncertainty, because transfers are at a precise time specified in advance, according to the clients request.

Hotel transport services are predominantly meant to serve a larger number of passengers. Why not use the possibility to enjoy your trip in one of our luxurious limos regardless of the route and the final destination?

A taxi is always a kind of a solution, but is it the cheapest one? 3 passengers with larger luggage can not use 1 taxi, so it’s obvious to use 2 to of them which means the expenses multiply. Our shuttle vans with highly trained drivers don’t have problem with luggage space and can accommodate up to 8 passengers.

The most you can get with a taxi is a vehicle of larger dimensions with a little bit more space for luggage. Our luxury limousines, on the other hand, are equipped at least with air conditioning, USB connection, Wi-Fi and all are pets friendly. More demanding clients can always choose luxurious vehicles equipped with a minibar and a TV, for VIP experience while driving.

We can expand this list with additional benefits of our service, but the easiest way is to contact us, provide us your travel plans and we will be pleased to organize your complete transport route.