Flights to Moscow & Sankt Petersburg – It`s possible from Belgrade, Serbia!

Flights to Moscow & Sankt Petersburg – It`s possible from Belgrade, Serbia!

The Russo-Ukrainian War has stopped almost all commercial flights from Europe to Russia but it is still possible to fly to Russian Federation from Nikola Tesla airport in Serbia.

The only two European countries that have not halted airplanes to Russia are Serbia and Turkey. The flights are taking few hours more to reach the destinations due to the closed air space above Ukraine but connections among the people of Europe are not cut off.

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The direct route from Belgrade to Moscow is almost always completely booked but, if you are in a hurry, you should probably be able to find connecting flights via Istanbul in Turkey or Tel Aviv in Israel. You can also fly from Belgrade to Sankt Petersburg and take a connecting flight from there.

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You can check the schedules and book a flight with AirSerbia at their offical website here.

Every year during the summer season the number of flights from Serbia to Russia rises so there are additional flights to Krasnodar, Rostov and this year it is planned to introuduce maiden flights to Sochi. As the situation is constantly changing please don`t forget to always double check your flight before you start your trip.