An intro to Transport coordination

An intro to Transport coordination

Special care is given to transport coordination during major movie productions. An assigned movie transport coordinator on a this type of set has to carry a large bag of skills, among others, to has talent for management and organisation, as well as the ability to execute activities in discretion. The size of the project, budget caps and time frames are strict and in a direct correlation with the number of transport units which will serve staff. Transport is art – says Bob Foster, a well known transport coordinator. This, for sure, says something about what attributes should a person have that is responsible for logistics of a sensitive project. And movies are for sure these kind of projects.

Good driving skills, transport experience accented for the movie industry, flexibility, communication skills and adaptability are just some elements for the basic criteria that needs to be met during the delegation process for the right person.

Everyday activities include coordination with the location manager, decision-makers and drivers which all together are a part of a logistics teamchain which has to be rationally served keeping in mind the exact locations, time schedules and projected vehicles requirements. Trucks, equipment, wardrobe and makeup trailers, personal trailer for actors and the productions staff, supplies and mobile sanitary facilities must form a unity that interacts fluidly & efficiently.

Actors and directors need to be fresh and focused for every upcoming take, therefore it is not surprising that limos and vehicles need to meet high standards.

Last but not least, local law and procedures proficiency is a must, not just regarding transport, but security, planning & budget management.

The art of packaging large trucks in small places… a secret we won’t reveal you, but the challenges you set upon us, will always be successfully executed.